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1. Prepare Preliminary Plans/Cost Estimate

Should there be additional steps that a) determine whether to use a consultant or do the designs in-house, and then b) gather (a list) the necessary materials with which to prepare the design/estimate? --Michaelsross 18:18, 7 July 2010 (UTC)

2. Prepare Feasibility Report

3. Prepare SMAC Project Addition Study (Form)

4. Obtain City Council Approval-Preliminary Plans

5-11. Obtain City Council Approval - CIP

12. Submit MARC Five Year Plan

13-15 Obtain MARC Approval

16-20 Submit application to HUD

21. Receive HUD Approval

22. Submit CARS Five-Year plan to County

22. Submit SMAC Five-Year plan to County

23. Execute Local Project Agreement - CARS

23. Execute Local Project Agreement - SMAC

24. Obtain Priority Evaluation from KDOT

25. Submit KDOT Form 1302 for Project Request

26. Receive Project Authorization from KDOT

27. Submit City Request to KDOT to Administer Federal Funded Projects