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City Guidelines Regarding the Installation of Temporary Traffic Control “Street Name” (D3-1) Signs
Traffic Services Division of the Department of Public Works

Last Revised 6/2/2023

Governing Document Reference:

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD), 2009 or latest edition, the Overland Park Municipal Code (OPMC), Title 12 – Traffic, Chapter 12.04. and the City of Overland Park Address Standards, July 17, 2017 or latest edition.

MUTCD Requirements:

Guide signs along highways provide road users with information to help them along their way through the temporary traffic control zone. The following guide signs should be used in Temporary Traffic Contorl zones as needed:

  1. Standard route markings, where temporary route changes are necessary,
  2. Directional signs and street name signs, and
  3. Special guide signs relating to the condition or work being done.

If additional temporary guide signs are used in Temporary Traffic Control zones, they shall have a black legend and border on an orange background. When directional signs and street name signs are used in conjunction with detour routing, these signs may have a black legend and border on an orange background.

City of Overland Park Guidelines for Installation:


The following guidelines have been established to assist with continuity throughout the city when designing, fabricating and installing street name signs for temporary traffic control detours. This is based on the permanent Street Name Sign Design Guidelines, with modifications to account for the temporary nature of these street name signs.

Questions regarding this document can be referred to:
Bruce Wacker, Supervisory Civil Engineer (895-6027)
Brian Geiger, Senior Traffic Engineer (895-6020)

Post-Mounted Street Name Signs:

The Street Name sign will consist of the name of the street. Where applicable based on the guidelines above, the street suffix designation will be included and the hundred block number will be excluded. The standard sized aluminum sign blanks shall be 12” high by 24”, 30”, 36", or 42" in length depending on the length of the legend. The standard lettering style shall conform to Highway Series B 2000 with a leading uppercase letter and trailing lowercase letters with 100% recommended letter spacing according to the Standard Highway Sign Manual. To accommodate longer street names in extreme cases, the name of the street has been abbreviated. Highway Series B 2000 letters and abbreviations will have to be used to avoid exceeding a 42” long sign blank. Any sign that cannot be accommodated on a 42" sign blank will be reviewed by the engineer or project manager. The letter height of the uppercase letter in the street name shall be 6”. The lowercase letters in the street name shall be 4 ½”. The uppercase letter height of the street designation and the block number shall be 4”. The lowercase letter height of the street designation shall be 3”. The letter height of the numeral extension such as “th” in “127th” shall also be 3” high composed of all lowercase letters. A minimum of 1 ¼” spacing is required between the edge of the sign blank and the edge of the first and last letter in the legend and suffix. A 2" space shall be placed between the street name and the hundred block or suffix.

Refer to the City of Overland Park Street Name Sign Standard Details for guidance in sign layout.

Sign Templates for Post-Mounted Street Name Signs:

The following are sign templates that should be observed during the design or fabrication of ground mounted street name signs used in conjunction with detour signing. For obvious reasons, it is not possible to address every conceivable sign layout. Except for thoroughfare designations, where the suffix is always included in the layout, the remaining templates are designed with only the street name. Refer to the permanent street name signing guidelines to determine if suffixes are appropriate to include on the sign.

It is not desirable to exceed a 42" sign blank due to wind loading and mounting methods. The following sign templates are presented in order to assist the designer or fabricator in selecting the correct length for the sign blank. The sign templates were created by using different criteria to avoid exceeding a 42" sign blank.

Post-Mounted Street Name Signs
Base Templates
Named Street Templates
Numbered Street Templates
Street Name Range
Street Names A through B
Street Names C through E
Street Names F through H
Street Names I through M
Street Names N through R
Street Names S through Z
Street Number Range
47th through 59th
60th through 69th
70th through 79th
80th through 89th
90th through 99th
100th through 109th
110th through 119th
120th through 129th
130th through 139th
140th through 149th
150th through 159th
160th through 169th
170th through 179th
180th through 189th
190th through 199th
200th through 209th
210th through 219th

Signing Standards:

The temporary traffic control “Street Name” (D3-1) signs for post mounted installations shall be retro-reflective to show the same shape and similar color both day and night. The legend and background shall be of contrasting colors. Temporary traffic control “Street Name” (D3-1) signs should have a black legend on an orange background. An indented border should be the same color as the legend.

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