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For KDOT projects - often changes occur during construction of a project that require adjusting the compensation paid to a contractor. All changes must be within the scope and limits of the project. All changes, including force account changes, must be accompanied by an independent estimate. Per KDOT's Standard Specifications for State Road and Bridge Construction Section 104.9a, all direct and indirect costs associated with the Contract Change, including labor, materials, equipment, overhead, profit, impact costs and other costs for which the Contractor claims compensation is owed, shall be included in the change order request. Do not include costs as listed in Subsection 104.9c.

When receiving Federal Aid for inspection, the City will submit requests for reimbursement to the Local Construction Manager with proper documentation.

All change orders require prior approval from the Local Construction Manager. All changes require approval/concurrence by BLP prior to any of the work being initiated, using KDOT Form 1314 (Contract Order Form). KDOT will provide email concurrence on all changes within 3 business days. If the City does not receive prior approval, the items on that change order may be deemed non-participating, as per the "Code of Federal Regulations" Title 23 CFR 635.120. KDOT's role is to provide general administrative oversight and to determine the amount of federal participation. All change orders shall be submitted to BLP for entry into Construction Management System (CMS).