Object Marker Sign Design Guidelines

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City Guidelines Regarding the Installation of “Type 1 Object Markers” (OM1-3)
Traffic Services Division of the Department of Public Works

Governing Document Reference:

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD), 2009 or latest edition and the Overland Park Municipal Code (OPMC), Title 12 – Traffic, Chapter 12.04.

MUTCD Requirements:

“Type 1 Object Markers” (OM1-3) are used to mark obstructions within or adjacent to the roadway.


When used for marking obstructions within the roadway or obstructions that are 8 feet or less from the shoulder or curb, the minimum mounting height, measured from the bottom of the object marker to the elevation of the near edge of the traveled way, should be at least 4 feet. When used to mark obstructions more than 8 feet from the shoulder or curb, the clearance from the ground to the bottom of the object marker should be at least 4 feet.

Obstructions within the roadway shall be marked with a Type 1 or Type 3 object marker. In addition to markers on the face of the obstruction, warning of approach to the obstruction shall be given by appropriate pavement markings. Type 1 or Type 3 object markers may be installed at or near the approach end of a median island.

By definition, the “roadway” is that portion of a highway improved, designed, or ordinarily used for vehicular travel and parking lanes, but exclusive of the sidewalk, berm, or shoulder even though such sidewalk, berm, or shoulder is used by persons riding bicycles or other human-powered vehicles. In the event a highway includes two or more separate roadways, the term roadway as used herein shall refer to any such roadway separately, but not to all such roadways collectively.

City of Overland Park Guidelines for Installation:

“Type 1 Object Markers” will be installed at locations based on the following criteria.

On Thoroughfare Streets:

  1. The “Type 1 Object Markers” should be installed in the median approach nose on all thoroughfare streets. It is not required to install the “Type 1 Object Markers” in the median nose on the side streets intersecting a thoroughfare if the side street has a median except for conditions as listed in the following section.

On Collector or Residential Streets:

  1. The “Type 1 Object Marker” should be installed in the median approach nose at all mid-block medians where the street is otherwise undivided. This generally occurs at locations where the median is relatively short in length and is installed as a traffic calming measure.
  2. The “Type 1 Object Marker” is not required in locations where a flush-mounted median (Type A curb and gutter section) is used.
  3. "Type 1 Object Markers” are not required to be installed in the approach nose of a splitter island within roundabouts.
  4. The “Type 1 Object Marker” is not required on a minor street raised median located on the approach to an intersection except:
a) When the only thing located in the median is a traffic signal pole or street light pole. This would occur most frequently at intersections of thoroughfare streets with collector streets.
b) If the median consists of both landscaping and signal poles or lighting poles, the “Type 1 Object Marker” will not be installed.

The “Type 1 Object Marker” should be installed in the earth median directly behind the concrete median nose. In locations where there is no concrete median nose, the “Type 1 Object Marker” should be installed at least 4 feet behind the median curb measuring from the approach end. In narrow medians that consist of a concrete base and brick pavers, the sign should be installed in a PVC pipe sleeve cored through the pavement and paver bricks approximately 6” from the back side of the concrete median nose according to the standard details.

Removal of Existing Signs

All existing signs that no longer meet the above criteria will be removed systematically in areas where the existing signing is being updated. Knocked-down signs will not be reinstalled if they no longer meet these criteria.

Signing Standards:

The “Type 1 Object Marker” (OM1-3) sign shall be an 18” x 18” diamond sign with yellow retro-reflectorized sheeting.