End of Roadway Markers Design Guidelines

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City Guidelines Regarding the Installation of “Type 4 Object Markers” / “End of Roadway Markers” (OM4-3)
Traffic Services Division of the Department of Public Works

Governing Document Reference:

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD), 2009 or latest edition and the Overland Park Municipal Code (OPMC), Title 12 – Traffic, Chapter 12.04.

MUTCD Requirements:

“Type 4 Object Markers” (OM4-3) are used to mark the end of a roadway.

The minimum mounting height, measured vertically from the bottom of the object marker to the elevation of the near edge of the traveled way, shall be 4 feet.


City of Overland Park Guidelines for Installation:

“Type 4 Object Markers” (OM4-3) will be installed at locations where the roadway ends abruptly. This does not include cul-de-sac bulbs. Typically, instances were the roadway could possibly end abruptly are temporary situations between construction phases in residential development. However, due to changes in development patterns, economic conditions or other changes, the condition may last permanently.

Multiple signs should be installed on separate posts, within two feet from the end of the paved surface, across the entire width of the roadway such that the spacing between sign posts and the spacing between the outside sign posts and the back of curb is less than 6 feet.

Signing Standards:

The “Type 4 Object Marker” (OM4-3) sign shall be an 18” x 18” diamond sign with red retro-reflectorized sheeting.