Preparation of Construction Bid Documents

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The following information is provided to help when preparing the bid documents and should be used as a guide or checklist so that all the necessary data is provided to the bidder. All bid documents should be obtained from the City to insure that the most current versions are being used. All documents, except the Appointment of Service Agent, are provided in Word format. The City will provide the documents on cd or via email.

Table of Contents

Revise page numbers as needed

Notice to Bidders

  • Page N-1, First Paragraph
    • Insert name of project and project number
    • Insert date of bid opening (preferably a Tuesday)
  • Page N-1, Second Paragraph
    • Insert name of project and project number
    • Insert name and address of consultant's company
    • Insert name and phone number of contact at consultant's company
    • Insert cost of plans and specs
  • Page N-2
    • Insert address of pre-bid conference (if applicable)
    • Insert date and time of pre-bid conference (if applicable)
    • Insert date the bid is scheduled for publication in The Legal Record (publication is every Tuesday). Publication date should be at least 14 calendar days prior to the bid opening date.
    • If this is a KDOT project, insert date the bid is scheduled for publication in the Kansas Register (publication is every Thursday). Publication date should be at least 30 calendar days prior to the bid opening date.

Instructions to Bidders

Project Manager will determine which of the three insurance coverage options to use.

Page I-1, Paragraph IB-1 – insert name of project and project number


Obtain from Project Manager/Consultant the item descriptions and quantities to be listed in bid.

Section 1 – Project Manager will determine if the completion days/date shall be set or be left blank for the bidder to complete. If left blank, this will be one factor considered in determining the lowest and best responsible bidder.

Bid pages shall be copied single-sided onto YELLOW paper. If an addendum is issued, use some other LIGHT color for the new Bid pages. Dark colored paper does not copy well.


Page A-1, Title - Insert project name and project number

  • Article I - Insert name of project

Page A-2, Article III - Insert same wording as Section 1 of the Bid, regarding commencing and completing work.

Page A-3, Final section - Insert number of contracts to be executed (8).

Performance Bond and Maintenance Bond

In the WHEREAS clause, insert name of project after(…accessories for….)

Statutory Bond and Labor and Material Payment Bond

Insert project name and number in the title

Appointment of Service Agent

A blank form is submitted with the bidding documents. Once contract is awarded, the contractor will complete if necessary.

Table of Contents for General Conditions

Insert project name and number on title page. Verify page numbers to make sure they match the printed general conditions.

Project Special Provisions

General Requirements

  • Table of Contents – revise page numbers as needed.
  • Construction Limitations – change items to meet deadlines set forth in the first paragraph of the Bid after bid items.
  • Indemnification and Insurance Requirements – this is only used for CARS and SMAC projects when Johnson County funds are involved. Omit this section for other projects.
  • Right-of-Way – revise to indicate whether right-of-way and easements are in hand or an estimated date when they will be available.
  • Consultant will provide final Project Special Provisions on cd accompanied by a “highlighted/strikeout” hard copy of the City supplied special provisions for staff to use in review.
  • Specifications
    • a. Standard - City will provide the Consultant with MakeSpec installation disk and a disk of standard specification sections. MakeSpec is a Microsoft Word template with custom tools and menus use to compile a set of Project Specifications. The Consultant is to use MakeSpec to compile the final specifications. The Consultant is to provide Project Manager an electronic file copy and hard copy of the final specifications along with a hard copy with tracked changes highlighted and printed.
    • b. Lighting - obtain from City
    • c. Signal - obtain from City

General Comments

1. Bidding document templates are located on the PPM Wiki at: Phase III-Task 11 Standard Contract Documents

Documents ae in word format include: Table of Contents, Notice to Bidders, Instructions to Bidders, Bid, Agreement, Performance Bond, Maintenance Bond, Statutory Bond, Labor and Material Payment Bond, General Conditions - Table of Contents, General Conditions, and Project Special Provisions.


2. Prepare a draft of the Bidding Documents for review by Project Manager and Contract Specialist prior to printing for sale and distribution to contractors. All documents can be printed double-sided except for the Bid. The Bid pages should be printed single-sided on Yellow paper.

3. Bidding Documents are to be inserted into either a 3-ring or a GBC binder with a sturdy cover to protect it from the elements on the job site. Provide Contract Specialist with eight (8) complete sets of the bound Bidding Documents.

4. Publication - Notice to Bidders should be given to Contract Specialist no later than the Thursday morning before the planned Tuesday publication date in The Legal Record. The City will handle getting the Notice to Bidders published. The notice should be published at least 14 days prior to bid opening.

For KDOT projects, the Notice to Bidders is also published in the Kansas Register at least 30 days prior to the bid opening. Contract Specialist will email or fax the notice to Nancy Reddy at the Office of the Secretary of State. The notice should be sent by noon on Thursday the week before the publication date. Request that one copy of the affidavit and the bill be sent to the City of Overland Park, Public Works Department, 8500 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, KS 66212.

5. The day before the scheduled publication, a copy of the Notice to Bidders should be mailed to each of the contractors on the bidders list. The Bidders Lists are located on the PPM Wiki at: Phase IV-Task 5 Notice to Contractors/DBE Firms. Consultant should keep a list of the contractors that obtain a set of the bidding documents and plans. This list should be sent to the Contact Specialist after bid opening.

6. A complete set of bidding documents and plans on cd or hard copy shall be mailed by the consultant free of charge to the plan rooms the day prior to the scheduled publication date. The plan rooms are located at the bottom of the bidder’s lists and should be in bold type. There is also a list on the PPM Wiki at: Phase IV-Task 5 Notice to Contractors/DBE Firms

7. Engineer’s estimate must be delivered to the City Clerk or to the Contract Specialist by 2:00 p.m. the day of the bid opening. The engineer’s estimate should be signed by a professional engineer (P.E.), notarized and placed in a sealed envelope with the outside plainly marked: "ENGINEER’S ESTIMATE FOR (NAME OF PROJECT)".