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City of Overland Park, Kansas

Public Works Department

Project Procedures Manual Checklist

Phase VI - Retrospect

Project Number/Name/Description________________________________________________                                        


City\Project Engineer/Manager___________________________________________________                                        

Consultant - Staff Design_______________________________________________________                                             


Post-Project Conference Date___________________________________________________                                        

One-Year Inspection date________________________________________________________               



  Date           Initial              Task No.              Resp.              Task Description

  ____           ____                   1                               PM                 Certify Final Project Cost

  ____           ____                   2                         PM                 Complete Property Owner Assessments

  ____           ____                   3                         PM                 Conduct Post-Project Conference

  ____           ____                   4                         LW/FI             Complete Bond Sale

  ____           ____                   5                         PM/ET           Update City Historical Records

  ____           ____                   6                         PM/CI            Complete One Year Inspection and get Bond Release

  ____           ____                   7                         PM/CI            Notify Contractor of Maintenance Items Required

  ____           ____                   8                         PM                 Receive Project Audit by KDOT

  ____           ____                   9                         CS/FI             Receive Final Payment from KDOT

Checklist is to be completed by the Project Manager for each task.  The checklist is to be printed at the completion of each Phase and place on the left side of the project file.  If a task in not applicable enter "N/A" and provide short explanation.