Phase III - Final Design

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Task No. 1 - Schedule Third Utility Meeting

When the plans are approximately 80 percent complete or at the stage where the Street horizontal and vertical alignment and the stormsewer profiles have been approved, the third utility meeting will be scheduled by the Consultant/Project Manager. A pre-meeting agenda shall be distributed and meeting minutes prepared.

Note: In an effort to avoid scheduling conflicts with other called utility meetings an Outlook calendar has been created called PW Utilities. PW Utilities shall be invited as an attendee to all utility meetings, pre-bid conferences and pre-construction conferences or any meeting requesting utility company attendance.

See Phase II, Task No. 9 for exhibits.

The primary purpose of this meeting is to confirm what utilities need to be relocated, and establish if the facility is located in public R/W / easements or private easements. Determine whether KCPL streetlights are to be removed and replaced with City streetlights. Also, the project schedule will be reviewed and a time frame for relocating utility facilities will be addressed. If utilities requiring relocation are in private easements the project manager shall request relocation plans, a detailed cost estimate of relocations, a relocation schedule, a marked-up set of plan sheets highlighting existing utility locations, existing easement locations with book and page, and copies of easement documents.

Exhibit No. III-1 Utility Relocation Plan Submission Requirements.

Exhibit No. II-9a Utility Relocation Guidelines.

If KCPL streetlights are to be removed, prepare letter to KCPL requesting a work order and written cost estimate for removal of affected streetlights. Generally this request takes place only on Residential Street or C.D.B.G. type projects.

Exhibit No. III-1a is a sample letter to KCPL requesting work order

Exhibit No. III-1b is a sample work order cover letter from KCPL

Exhibit No. III-1c is a sample City approved KCPL work order

Exhibit No. III-1d is a sample City staff letter to KCPL approving work order

Task No. 2 - Execute Utility Agreements

If documentation is confirmed that utilities to be relocated are in private easements, the Project Manager shall receive the agreement, forward to the law department for review/approval and Public Works Director approval.

See Email Memo regarding Utility Agreement language.

Note: The City does not pay for utility relocations in platted public easements.

Exhibit No. III-2a is a sample utility agreement for KCPL

Exhibit No. III-2b is a sample utility agreement for Water District No. 1 of Johnson County

Exhibit No. III-2c is a sample utility agreement for Atmos Energy Corporation

Exhibit No. III-2d is a sample utility agreement for Magellan Pipeline Company

Exhibit No. III-2e is a sample sanitary sewer line crossing agreement

Exhibit No. III-2f is a relocation agreement for Kansas Gas Service.

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