Pavement Marking Design Manual

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General Purpose of the Design Manual:

Last Revised 6/20/19
This Pavement Marking Design Manual has been written to serve as a general guideline when designing pavement markings for the City of Overland Park, Kansas. Although there are specific design requirements, the guidelines contained herein should not be a substitute for proper engineering design and judgment based on specific situations. All pavement markings shall comply with the latest adopted edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The purpose of this Pavement Marking Design Manual is to aid consultants as well as City of Overland Park staff to be consistent in the practice of designing pavement marking plans. It provides an overview of what tasks are expected to be included in the scope of the design; what information should be included on the plan sheets; what kind of backup design information is required; and what is expected for the final deliverable product. Any questions regarding this manual may be directed to Bruce Wacker, P.E., Assistant City Traffic Engineer at the City of Overland Park, Kansas at (913) 895-6027 or by email at

Purpose of Pavement Marking:

Pavement marking provides guidance and information to the roadway user as well as supplement other traffic control devices such as signs, traffic signals and other markings. Pavement markings can convey regulations, guidance, or warnings.

Wherever applicable, this design manual should be used in conjunction with the latest adopted edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) by the Federal Highway Administration. The current editions of the Design and Construction Standards, Volume 2 Construction Specifications (latest edition), the latest edition of the Standard Details and the Approved Materials List, hereafter referred to as “City Standards” should be followed during the design of all pavement marking plans.

Public or Private Ownership and Maintenance

Different policies apply to pavement marking based on the final ownership and maintenance. The two types of pavement markings are 1) those that are installed in the public right-of-way that will be owned and maintained by the City of Overland Park and 2) privately owned pavement markings that are installed on private property that will not be maintained by the City of Overland Park. Although each of the categories will be discussed, the design guidelines contained herein only apply to pavement markings that are within the public right-of-way or other City easements that are owned and maintained by the City of Overland Park.

City-Owned and Maintained Pavement Markings

All City-owned and maintained pavement markings shall be designed in accordance with the design criteria listed herein and use all pre-approved materials from the City’s Approved Materials List, which is available at City Hall or from the City’s web page. All pavement markings that are being designed in conjunction with the development of any public street or any developments that require modification of any pavement marking within the public right-of-way or other City easements by private consultants working for a developer are required to meet City Standards.