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== Initials for Checklists ==
== Initials for Checklists ==

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Initials for Checklists

AA = Administrative Assistant

CE = City Engineer

CI = Construction Inspector

CO = Consultant

CS = Contract Specialist

CTE = City Traffic Engineer

DPW = Director of Public Works

FI = Finance Department

LW = Law Department

PDS = Planning and Development Services

PE = Project Engineer

PM = Project Manager

ST = Survey Technician


ADA = American Disabilities Act

BLP = Bureau of Local Projects (KDOT)

CARS = County Assistance Road System (Johnson County)

CDBG = Community Development Block Grants

CIP = Capital Improvements Plan

DBE = Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

DOT = Department of Transportation (Federal Government)

FHWA = Federal Highway Administration

HUD = Department of Housing and Urban Development

ID = Improvement District

JCUWD = Johnson County Unified Wastewater District

KCPL = Kansas City Power & Light (Utility Company)

KDHE = Kansas Department of Health and Environment

KDOT = Kansas Department of Transportation

LPA = Local Public Authorities

MARC = Mid-America Regional Council

NHS = National Highway System

NPDES = National Pollution Discharge Elimination System

RFP = Request for Proposal

R/W = Right(s)-of-Way

SMAC = Stormwater Management Advisory Council (Johnson County)

TIP = Transportation Improvement Program (MARC)

USGS = United States Geological Survey