Deer Crossing Sign Design Guidelines

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City Guidelines Regarding the Installation of “Deer Crossing” (W11-3) Signs
Traffic Services Division of the Department of Public Works

Governing Document Reference:

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD), 2009 or latest edition and the Overland Park Municipal Code 12.04.

MUTCD Requirements:

“Advance Deer Crossing” (W11-3) signs are intended for use to alert road users in advance of locations where unexpected entries into the roadway might occur or where shared use of the roadway by deer might occur. These conflicts may be relatively confined, or might occur randomly over a segment of roadway.


The “Deer Crossing” sign should be posted at locations that are unusually hazardous or at locations not readily apparent. They should be located immediately adjacent to the crossing location. Where crossings are confined to a single location, the “Advance Deer Crossing” sign may be supplemented with an auxiliary distance sign specifying the distance to the crossing, or the crossing point may be identified by a “Deer Crossing” sign. If the crossing locations are random, an auxiliary distance sign (Supplemental Plate) specifying the length of roadway section upon which the potential hazard exists may be used below the “Advance Deer Crossing” sign.

City of Overland Park Guidelines for Installation:

The guidelines for installing “Advance Deer Crossing” signs or “Deer Crossing” signs are based on the number of crashes within a given length of roadway. The sign(s) should be posted if three crashes involving deer occur in a 1/4-mile section within a 12-month period, or if ten crashes involving deer occur in a one-mile section over a 12-month period.

If the crossing location is generally confined to a single crossing location, the “Deer Crossing” sign will be used. Otherwise the “Advance Deer Crossing” sign will be used with a supplemental plate specifying the length of roadway section upon which the potential hazard exists.

Signing Standards:

The “Advance Deer Crossing” (W11-3) sign shall have black letters, on a retro-reflectorized yellow background. It shall be a 30” x 30” diamond shaped sign on conventional type roadways with a single lane approach or for multi-lane conventional roadways with a posted speed limit equal to or less than 35 mph. On multi-lane conventional roadways with a posted speed limit greater than 35 mph, the sign shall be 36” x 36”.