Approved Materials - Specialty Items

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Decorative Signal Poles

Mast Arm Poles

Pedestal Poles

Decorative Bases for Mast Arm Poles

Decorative Bases for Pedestrian Poles

Light Fixtures

Antioch & I-435 Bridge Decorative Fixture

110th Street & Lamar Roundabout Decorative Fixture

110th & Lamar Roundabout Landscape Fixture

Antioch & I-435 Bicycle Tunnel Light Fixture
Indian Creek Bicycle Trail under I-435

133rd & Lamar; 132nd Street & US-69 Overpass; Vineyards and Mills Farm Roundabouts

79th St & Metcalf Ave

159th Street Bridge Over US-69 Highway

127th Street (Metcalf Ave to Nall Ave)

95th St: Quivira Rd to Nieman Rd
Quivira Road: 95th St to 99th St