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GeekNotesIcon.png Note: This document is provided as a benefit to contractors and suppliers who are bidding projects for the City of Overland Park. Only products identified on this list will be approved for installation on City construction projects. This list shall not be used as a substitute for catalog cuts or material approval. All material approvals shall be submitted on the approved City of Overland Park Contract Project Submittal form. The form is available at City Hall by contacting Bruce Wacker at (913) 895-6027. Failure to comply will be cause for rejection of materials until proper submittals are received. This list is updated periodically. The contractor or supplier shall contact the City of Overland Park to make sure that they have the most current list prior to bidding a project. Failure to do so shall not constitute a legitimate claim for change orders. Before accessing any links, the City recommends that the user delete browsing history to insure the latest catalog cut information is displayed correctly.

Contractor Submittal Form

Flexible Conduit

Notes Manufacturer Catalog Number Approval Date Photos
For DMS Signs Electri-Flex Co. Liquatite NM-13 11/15/05
1” Flexible Non-Metallic Liquid Tight Conduit

Digital Message Signs

Notes Manufacturer Catalog Number Approval Date Photos
Skyline Products, Inc. VMSLED-L-3-08F-28x110-I 4/26/05

DMS Structures

Notes Manufacturer Catalog Number Approval Date Photos
Steve Johnson Companies Job Number 7061*
*Job number will change with every project
#7061 135th St Widening/US 69 NB Ramp
#8029 135th St Widening
#8045 119th St Corridor
#8588 Antioch Road 151st to 167th

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RWIS Equipment

Notes Manufacturer Catalog Number Approval Date Photos
Made by Innovative Dynamics High Sierra Electronics 2020EW Remote Road Surface Condition Sensor – Model 5433-18 with Weather Shield
Mini RWIS RPU – Model 5470-03
The RPU includes:
1-Unit 19”x 8” Rack Enclosure Hammond RM1U1908VBK
RWIS RS 485 Surge Protector – EDCO COHP-015
RWIS DC Power Suppressor – EDCO OPX-015

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